Loving the weekly bootcamp with the gals. Thanks Brandon and Taylor.

Robin S

Great place to work out. Open from 7am to 8 pm, so it always fits my work schedule. Tons of well maintained equipment. KA everything. P.H.I.T. YEAH BABY.

Jake A

Such an awesome place to work out! No matter what goals people have for themselves, they are achieved in this gym!

Alyssa G

Nice people, good gym and affordable. I really enjoy it here. It's a good find in Loveland.

Nicholas M

Great place! I love it! It's an awesome place to go in and just put in the work. Everyone there has the same mindset, and the owner Brandon is friendly, knowledgeable and a good dude.

Eric G

I've been going to this gym for several years now and is the best in the area. The owner, Brandon, is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. If you are looking for a gym that will cater to all your needs, has no contracts, and has friendly staff and members, this is the gym to go to!! Don't be fooled and think that the regular box gym will be better. PHIT has all the gear, weights, and cardio equipment you need. The members form a close knit community and everyone is eager to help. No judgement, no contract, super friendly, clean facility, and all the weights you need. Stop reading this and get PHIT!

Caleb W