About Us

Physical High Intense Training (PHIT) is a local gym in Loveland, CO that encourages everyone with a comfortable, team-related enthusiasm to see all achieve success. We multiple styles of training from weight loss to strength training and contest preparation.

Physical High Intense Training is a fitness gym where an individual can come in for personal training and/or open gym to workout on their own. For personal training, all clients who choose to begin one-on-one training will have a fitness assessment to monitor where they are physically as well as go over goals for the next criteria.

Physical High Intense Training offers all kinds of training styles inside our facility. We have multiple Plate Loaded Machines and Cable Machines, Cardio Equipment, Specialized Powerlifting Equipment, Strongman Equipment, Crossfit Section and Olympic Weightlifting area. Wide selection of specialty bars, bumper plates in Pounds and Kilos, and an inside Turf Area.

Physical High Intense Training also sells 1st Phorm Supplements and Allmax Nutrition Supplements. Shop local and get all your supplements from Physical High Intense Training. If it's an item we don't have in stock or a flavor we don't have, we can order it for you and have it here within the week.