Strength Games

Strength Games

On December 12th, 2020 we will be hosting the 1st Annual "Rocky Mountain Strength Games"

This is not just a Strongman competition, this is not just a Powerlifting competition. This competition is all about strength and seeing who the strongest badasses are along the Rocky Mountains.

1. 1RM Bench Press & 1RM Back Squat (10 minute time cap)
2. Yoke Carry
3. Overhead Medley (5 Stations)
4. Deadlift for Reps
5. Sled / Keg Medley

Weight Divisions:
- Novice Womens
- Lightweight Womens (up to 135.0lbs)
- Middleweight Womens (135.1lbs to 170.0lbs)
- Heavyweight Womens (170.1lbs and up)
- Novice Mens
- Lightweight Mens (up to 195.0lbs)
- Middleweight Mens (195.1lbs to 250lbs)
- Heavyweight Mens (250.1lbs and up)